About Rhoda

At home, January 2014

At home, January 2014

Hi! My name is Rhoda Newton, and I’m honoured that you are taking this opportunity to get to know me a little.

        I live in the beautiful South Island of New Zealand, with my parents and four younger brothers. I’m 5’2”, with eyes of blue and auburn hair.

        I was baptised into the Reformed Church of Oamaru as an infant. Since then, God has been pleased to teach my heart to fear His judgement, and then to know His Father-like love. I professed my faith and became a full member of the church in November 2012.

                My mother was born and raised in Coromandel Town in the North Island, and my father is from Christchurch in the South. They met at a music summer school, and were married in Christchurch. I was born while they were living in Pareora, and we moved to Oamaru two and a half years later.

        I am blessed to be able to tell you that along with my brothers, I have never been enrolled in a registered school. For this I am immensely grateful to my parents.

        I have always loved putting things into piles and categories, and I was delighted to learn that doing there is a name for that job: librarian! I volunteered at the Oamaru Public Library for two years, and I have now been working as a Library Assistant for another three years. It has been a great experience. I have enjoyed learning how the library works, and how to do many of the tasks at the library. I’m also studying for my library Diploma, with the Open Polytechnic.

        My prayer is that through this blog, you may draw ever nearer to our Heavenly Father as we advance along the narrow path together.


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