logo4google+Welcome to Serving With Joy!

Serving With Joy’s vision is to encourage, inspire and challenge Christian young women to love and serve the Lord with joy.

I post on why we serve, different aspects of our service, practical ways to serve, the importance of remembering the joy in our serving, the one we serve, and other things related to serving God in this day and age.

My vision is to see a generation of women who have entrusted their hearts, minds, goals and lives to God, and are eager and equipped to change the world.

I hold to the three creeds and the four confessions of the Reformed Churches of New Zealand.

I always love to hear from anyone, and welcome you to contact me, or subscribe to my blog.


5 thoughts on “About

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  2. wow! what an awesome goal and blog! keep up the good work beauty! xox ps. you are the most beautiful 17 year old i have ever seen!!! so privalidged to be your friend! love you!!!! xoxoxoxox 🙂 – Aviel


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