Dear Subscribers,

      It is with mixed feelings that I write to inform you of Aviel’s decision to resign from Serving With Joy. Unfortunately, it has become too complicated and stressful for this blog to be a joint effort. For this reason, she has decided that for her to concentrate her energies and writing talents solely on her new blog would be much easier and more productive for us both. This change is effective immediately.

And now, a message from Aviel:

‘My decision to proceed in this direction has not been an easy one, but I had to do it, because a shared blog, along with conflicting doctrine, was causing me a lot of stress and therefore was starting to affect my health. I would love to present to you Crowned In Glory, which is my new blog that I hope to, through God’s help, bless you with. I invite you to join me in my walk with our Saviour there. I will still be supporting Rhoda on Serving With Joy, and I thank you very much for following us here, as it has been a great encouragement and blessing to us.

                        With love and Joy,

                                    Aviel G. Gonen

I am indeed sorry to have Aviel leave us, but she has my full support, and we are both content with this move. I am looking forward to continuing, Lord willing, to encourage, inspire and challenge young women globally to love and serve the Lord with ever increasing joy on this blog, Serving With Joy.

Joyfully yours in Christ,

Rhoda G. Newton


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