Being a Jewel for God, by Aviel

Being a jewel for God is difficult. Often we don’t sparkle and shine the way God expects us to. We have to live as a jewel, something that makes people marvel at or stare. We have to stand out, to be a shining light for the glory of God. Often we act as we please, going with our flesh, and being nothing but a piece of dirt, something that blends in with everything else, something that everyone is used to seeing.

Is standing out really important?jewel

Well, it is really important. Here’s why:

God made us so that we can glorify Him, and enjoy Him forever. To glorify Him, we have to stand out – to be different – to be in the world, but not of the world. We can give glory to God by giving Him the glory when people are drawn to us. We can be a jewel for Him by obeying Him and what He commanded us to do in His Word.

It is also really important to stand out by serving Him and others joyfully. That way we can not only give glory to Him, but others can too, by thanking Him for the blessing we can be to them through Christ.

I invite you to join me and Rhoda as we strive to shine for God like jewels on a crown, and as we live to glorify Him and enjoy Him forever, to be in the world but not of the world. We strive to serve God joyfully, and I hope and pray that you will too.


9 thoughts on “Being a Jewel for God, by Aviel

  1. I love the analogy of shining and standing out like a sparking jewel for God. God does want us to stand out so others can see Him in us. May we all sparkle and shine for Him today so He is glorified.


  2. This post speaks to my heart and we can keep that sparkle that shines by the
    washing of God’s Word – don’t let the shine get dull – spend time getting ‘washed’ in
    His Word each day!


  3. Dear Aviel, (and Rhoda, whom I have not met!)
    Thank you ladies, so much, for your service to the Lord and to other young women through this blog! I have enjoyed reading through your articles this morning, and my heart was encouraged to spend more time with the Lord, and in His Word.
    It’s wonderful to hear and see that you’re doing well, and have made such a lovely friend on the South Island. Miss you and your family. xo


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