The Eternal Joy, by Aviel

 crazyface2    I often wonder if people that are happy and joyful all the time, no matter what happens are just crazy. Well, I have found that they are not, and this is why.

The state of our faith

We often think people like that are not quite normal, because we have not experienced the joy they have. We are actually quite right when we think that they are not normal, but we have thought that they are not normal in the wrong way.

I have discovered the real meaning, the deep roots to that joy. These people are happy all the time, no matter what, because they have faith that God is sovereign. We often don’t acknowledge that, because we keep forgetting that God is in control over everything and everyone.

The Joy in a Saviour

Those that are really joyful and happy in the inside are those that know and love their Saviour, and they not only know and love Him, but they experience the wonderful, incredible, amazing, and everlasting love and joy that Jesus gives.

Jesus gives a wonderful blessing to all of us – the chance to experience this amazing joy. By believing in Him, and trusting that He is sovereign, and that He reigns in Heaven, and that He died and rose again to life, we are accepting this wonderful gift, and we experience a wonderful joy, not only on that day that we accept and welcome Jesus into our lives, and accept His gift, but for eternity.

We can know that we shall live forever in glory with Him, and so we don’t need to be sad or worried about anything because God is, was, and will always be sovereign.



5 thoughts on “The Eternal Joy, by Aviel

  1. You are so right! Having the perspective in any and every circumstance in our lives, that God is sovereign and is allowing any trial we are facing or going through, brings much peace and joy on this earth! God’s abundant joy to us who believe indeed lasts for eternity and is a wonderful gift from Him! Thank you for these beautiful and wise words!


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