A Gift To the Faith, by Aviel

You might be wondering why I chose this title, and what this title means. Well, I will explain it to you by telling you about something that happened recently.

After about two or three weeks that I had the idea of Rhoda and I starting a blog and meeting together about it, I had felt discouraged. I had only written one blog post, and I wasn’t really thinking nor doing anything about the blog at all….

I went away for the weekend to Southland, NZ. I felt depressed, and quite angry, because I hated to admit that I needed help with my writing. Sometimes, I would doubt that God even wanted Rhoda and I to have this blog to encourage and inspire other girls to be more Godly, feminine, and modest for God’s glory.

When we, (my family and I), went to church on Sunday, I met this lady and started talking to her. We eventually came on to the subject of writing. Apparently, this lady is an author, and has written a few books.

This lady was a gift to me. She gave me about 20 tips on writing, and encouraged me to continue writing and serving God joyfully as I do so. She was such a blessing to me! She got me back on track, and, right there and then, I confessed to God that I had been so proud and inattentive, and from then on I was very happy and God helped me write this post for his glory.

I would love for you to rejoice and praise God with me for his wonderful gift – someone who encouraged me and helped me back to the right track. I encourage you to learn from trackthis lesson, that God knows when you are struggling in the faith, and he will help you if you trust in him. This gift which was sent from God has given me a new perspective in this area of my life, so that is why I called this post “The Gift To The Faith.”

Through this story we can grow in character and, with God’s help, become mature women of God. Let us serve and praise Jesus joyfully forever!


2 thoughts on “A Gift To the Faith, by Aviel

  1. Aviel, this is a beautiful post and you have given God glory for His faithfulness to you. He surely does know what we need, and is gracious to always provide that in His perfect timing. I am so blessed by your writing, and so glad that you share how the Lord is working in your life. It is a privilege to read about your journey of faith.


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