Serving God With True Joy

For this first blog post, I would like to give a short explanation of our name, Serving with

We are serving God

In our serving, we must be focussed on the One we are serving. What we do should not be done for our own pleasure, or to gain praise from others on earth. Rather, our service should be performed with the primary motive of honouring God as best we can.

Everything we do can be done thinking “I am doing this for Your Glory, Father!” Do all things as if you were doing them for God.

Our serving is to be joyful

It is not to be with an unwilling spirit. Neither should it be treated as drudgery.

If we are thankful for our salvation, and our service arises out of that thankfulness, we should also be joyful. We should delight in the fact that through grace, Christ’s righteousness is put on our account, and we are no longer guilty before God. Also, we should be joyful that because of God’s grace, and the work of the Holy Spirit, we can serve Him!

Let us always remember the joy as we serve our Lord.


7 thoughts on “Serving God With True Joy

  1. Thank you, Rhoda, for this great focus for 2013! Being one of the fruits of the Spirit, joy is a blessed privilege that our Lord grants to each of His children. May God continue to use you for His Kingdom this next year… ❤


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