The Example, by Aviel

Serving with Joy I have been inspired, encouraged, and all together awed. You might be wondering why. The reason is that God Himself blessed me recently by bringing Rhoda into my life. Rhoda is a wonderful example of how a true, young maiden is supposed to walk with God.

I want to have a close relationship with God and walk with Jesus, I want to inspire and encourage other young women to do likewise. I had been praying about this for some days, even weeks. I eventually received an answer to my prayers, and actually, a wonderful gift. The answer was that Rhoda and I would start a blog together, and walk side by side as we obey and serve the Lord joyfully.

I thank God for this wonderful idea, because both Rhoda and I enjoy writing. We both felt that this would be a wonderful opportunity to fulfil this desire. We chose to start this blog to inspire and encourage other young girls out there. We want young women around the world to walk in Godliness, as Rhoda and I desire to do.

We hope and pray that with God’s help, we may lead you to the blessing of serving God with joy.


4 thoughts on “The Example, by Aviel

  1. I love your heart and reason for starting this blog. He has clearly given you beautiful gifts, and the way that you desire to use them for His glory and Kingdom is surely pleasing to our King! Praying for you…


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