How do You Spend Your Time

file000274328404How do you spend your time? And how much of it do you use to read the Bible?

As a young woman living at home, I often find myself with time on my hands. And until recently, I would often use that time to read young adult fiction books from the public library.
We read in 2 Timothy 3 these verses:
“All Scripture is inspired by God and profitable for teaching, for reproof, for correction, for training in righteousness; so that the man of God may be adequate, equipped for every good work,”
The word ‘adequate’ here means perfect, or complete, and therefore my understanding of this passage is that the Bible is plentiful for everything.
All we need to know about God and how we should live in response to His glorious goodness can be found there. If we devote our time to reading the Word, we can discover God and His will for our lives.
So, if the Bible can answer all these questions, and all we have to do to find the answers is take time to read the Scriptures, the question is,

Why don’t you?

When this question was asked of me, it as if a dagger had pierced me to the heart. It hurt so much. My immediate response was outer silence, accompanied by an inner guilt.
The next day, realizing that I had never actually read the whole Bible, I started reading at Genesis 1:1. I read the book of Genesis in three and a half days, and a week after beginning, I had also read the whole of Exodus.

Although I have slowed down a little, the fire still burns within me. And while I don’t expect everyone to follow my example to the letter, I pray that this post will inspire you to place the Bible high on your priority list.
The Bible is indeed the Word of God, which He has given to us, so that we may be equipped for every good service. And I’m sure it pleases Him when that service is full of joy!


Being a Jewel for God, by Aviel

Being a jewel for God is difficult. Often we don’t sparkle and shine the way God expects us to. We have to live as a jewel, something that makes people marvel at or stare. We have to stand out, to be a shining light for the glory of God. Often we act as we please, going with our flesh, and being nothing but a piece of dirt, something that blends in with everything else, something that everyone is used to seeing.

Is standing out really important?jewel

Well, it is really important. Here’s why:

God made us so that we can glorify Him, and enjoy Him forever. To glorify Him, we have to stand out – to be different – to be in the world, but not of the world. We can give glory to God by giving Him the glory when people are drawn to us. We can be a jewel for Him by obeying Him and what He commanded us to do in His Word.

It is also really important to stand out by serving Him and others joyfully. That way we can not only give glory to Him, but others can too, by thanking Him for the blessing we can be to them through Christ.

I invite you to join me and Rhoda as we strive to shine for God like jewels on a crown, and as we live to glorify Him and enjoy Him forever, to be in the world but not of the world. We strive to serve God joyfully, and I hope and pray that you will too.

Serving When You Don’t Feel Like It

file0001675513757When you’re having a good day, it’s easy to serve with joy. You know, you wake up feeling beautifully refreshed, spring out of bed, and dress swiftly in your favourite outfit. Then, upon entering the kitchen, you discover that you are the only one up, and decide to prepare breakfast for your whole family. It feels right to serve when you are happy.
But what about the bad days? When you wake tired and grumpy, all you can find to wear is a stretched top and your gardening skirt, and your siblings have eaten all the breakfast? What then?
It is all too easy for us to resign ourselves to having a Bad Day. We just muddle through somehow, resenting everything that goes wrong, and then are annoyed when our Bible passage for the day includes Romans 12: 12 “Rejoice in hope, be patient in tribulation, be constant in prayer.”
Think with me about what would happen if you weren’t complacent, If you said “No” to your bad attitude and sought the Lord constantly in prayer.
Your day could change. You could retire for the night reveling in the fact that you claimed that day and made it a joyful work of service for God!
Let’s take up the challenge, fight the Lord’s battles, and Serve With Joy!

The Eternal Joy, by Aviel

 crazyface2    I often wonder if people that are happy and joyful all the time, no matter what happens are just crazy. Well, I have found that they are not, and this is why.

The state of our faith

We often think people like that are not quite normal, because we have not experienced the joy they have. We are actually quite right when we think that they are not normal, but we have thought that they are not normal in the wrong way.

I have discovered the real meaning, the deep roots to that joy. These people are happy all the time, no matter what, because they have faith that God is sovereign. We often don’t acknowledge that, because we keep forgetting that God is in control over everything and everyone.

The Joy in a Saviour

Those that are really joyful and happy in the inside are those that know and love their Saviour, and they not only know and love Him, but they experience the wonderful, incredible, amazing, and everlasting love and joy that Jesus gives.

Jesus gives a wonderful blessing to all of us – the chance to experience this amazing joy. By believing in Him, and trusting that He is sovereign, and that He reigns in Heaven, and that He died and rose again to life, we are accepting this wonderful gift, and we experience a wonderful joy, not only on that day that we accept and welcome Jesus into our lives, and accept His gift, but for eternity.

We can know that we shall live forever in glory with Him, and so we don’t need to be sad or worried about anything because God is, was, and will always be sovereign.


What are Your Thoughts?


This brief blog post is related to last week’s. I hope and pray that you have taken up my last challenge. Be warned: this one is even harder!

Imagine that temple or building again.
What if all your thoughts, were up there, every one of them written on your walls?
I don’t mean those sneaky ones that flash through and you swiftly squash. Let me rephrase this a little.
What do you mostly think about?
When this challenge was given me, I realised, to my shame, that my thoughts were primarily things like what how wedding dress would look, or exactly how my latest house design would go. This really hurt me, and almost instantly I began to spend my thoughts on the Lord.

For me, I didn’t have to consciously try to turn my thought around. Once I had been shown my error, God was swift in changing me. Now I strive to keep my mind pure.
Perhaps this, for you, will require more effort in the beginning, but persevere in serving God with your thoughts! The Lord is our dwelling-place, and we can rest in His mercies. Psalm 18, verses 30-31:
“As for God, His way is perfect;
The word of the Lord is proven;
He is a shield to all who trust in Him.
For who is God, except the Lord?
And who is a rock, except our God?